EV projects

The engineering, design and construction EVprojects company, provides comprehensive high quality services in all aspects of the design and construction industry. It designs, plans and implements projects with a view always to improving the quality of its constructions, as well as respecting the environment. It is mainly active in the prefecture of Messinia.


Founders of EVprojects are:

· Eutuxiakos Leonidas (Surveying Engineer) creator and manager of www.topografos-online.gr site with experience and collaborations with technical offices, technical companies and organizations (Geostatus and Biohouse Technical Offices, Bardakis Ioannis & Co. , Directorate of Military Projects of the Army Corps, Ktimatologio SA), as well as a personal and professional career in the areas of topography, construction and building permit.

· Valsamaki Panagiota (Building Renovation and Rehabilitation Engineer) with experience and partnerships with major construction companies (AKTOR, METKA, ARCHIKAT) as well as a personal professional career in the field of restoration of traditional settlements, monuments and residences.

EVprojects is staffed by highly trained and experienced engineers (Topographers, Architects, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Building Renovation and Rehabilitation Engineers) and Manufacturers (all specialties and all jobs) such as Herman Cocu from Petalidi . Having as a main feature fast and good service, EVprojects implements projects and services with full technical expertise and excellent technical training. The foundation for Evprojects' evolution is continuous experimentation with new technology materials, innovative solutions and innovative forms. Aim: to meet the needs and desires of the customers as well as to be trusted to carry out the task that will be assigned to us.